Choosing an interesting night for your wedding

7932603504_6f9cfa9193_oMany weddings are the same old thing. You head to a brief reception before drinks at cocktail hour, a dinner meal, and then dinner and dancing. While there is nothing wrong with this kind of wedding, some people are looking for something a bit different and innovative and are looking to spruce up their wedding. There is no better way to do so then to have an interesting new venue choice set up for your event.

The classic version of this is the destination which involves an interesting locale and having guests trace with you to an exciting beach front or resort. While this is attractive for many, and was my personal selection for my wedding, the negative is that few relatives and friends are able to travel, particularly the elderly and young children, and thereby miss the big day. Still a destination wedding creates lasting memories for a couple that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Many people stay closer to home and try to find an exciting locale for their wedding that is nearby but still different and innovative. There are many different options for this; as mentioned above a beach or even a park can be a great palace for your wedding. Alternatively, try renting out the restaurant you went to on your first date together. Doing so will allow your relatives and other wedding attendees to learn about your past as a couple and to experience your first date together and see the full turn of your relationship. Other theme places make sense to. Maybe share a place you have had a special evening. Or go someplace together that you have always wanted to go. There are many different options in concert halls, or even at a camp ground. Find something special that makes you special as a couple and as a person and find a theme to surround that. It 3955662620_498a5065e8_bcould be a weekend of camping together with your loved ones. Or it could be at an elegant restaurant. There are many different fantastic events for a wedding event that shows off who you are. The best thing of all is that you get to be yourself and feel honest about who you are and the life you are going to live together.

Finally, an interesting night for your wedding may simply in a wedding hall, using all the great conveniences that these sites offer, but adding an unique feel to it. Give the event a theme, or make it into a costume part with Venetian style masks. Alternatively you can have an theme meal such as Cajun style food or an interesting music background. Create interesting and detailed souvenirs for people. The options are only limited by your imagination. Find something that you like and would make for a good theme and design the event around it. Spend some time thinking about it and use something from your life as an influence for the special wedding day. Involve your guest and keep them active and interested in it.